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Keep Pressing Forward!


This season in my life has prompted me to make significant changes in EVERY area of my life. Amidst those changes, is a desire to maintain and enhance good health. That means a drastic change in my diet, far less trips to Starbucks and an increase in exercise. As I was out walking one morning, I noticed that out of the blue, my breaths became deeper and I was putting in more work to make it. I was on the same street, but what I didn’t realize was, there was an incline on that street that I had converged upon and had not realized it. It was no longer a flat surface, but I was in fact going higher.

What am I saying...

In this season of our lives, there is a place God is taking many of us. A new level that is ahead of us, but it’s going to require harder work, deeper breaths and more energy. It’s necessary because that level is much higher than the current one. The good thing is, once we reach the top, we’ll be able to look back at the journey and smile because although it stretched us, it didn’t kill us. Keep pressing upward!

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